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Checking - definition of checking by The Free Dictionary.
What is the matter" Then, with a sudden undefined dread lest this stranger might have something to do with a change in her father, she rushed upstairs, checking herself at the bedroom door to throw off her bonnet, and enter on tiptoe.
Vérification des faits Wikipédia.
AFP, Après le fact" checking, le legal" checking" débarque avec Les Surligneurs, Le Point, 10 février 2017. Erwan Desplanques, Le fact checking contre les boniments des politiques, Télé, 9 décembre 2011. Fact-checking, Françoise Laugée, revue européenne des médias et du numérique n o 20, automne 2011.
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Total Relationship Balance: You can avoid the monthly checking maintenance fee for any statement period for either Huntington 5 or Huntington 25 checking account when you keep a total relationship balance of at least 25000, for Huntington 25 or 5000, for Huntington 5 in eligible deposits held directly with us or investments made through our affiliate, The Huntington Investment Company.

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